Turn your smartphone into a VR headset!

New amazing possibilities:
- Watch movies everywhere with cinema experience.
- Watch spherical, panoramic, 2D and 3D videos.
- Play games in a completely new way.
- Explore the world without limits.

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VRIZZMO Revolt optics

Best optics!
Unique optics solution.

Vrizzmo’s unique, patents-pending solutions provide the best optics among similar available products. Its dual lens system causes less image distortion, making VRIZZMO the best choice among VR products.
Thanks to the unique design VRIZZMO offers astonishing 110 degree field of view (FOV).


- Face part - very soft and changeable
- Head strap - easy to wear, long time use without pressure
- Lightweight and durable materials - use the HMD for a long time without tiredness

VRIZZMO Revolt - face part

VRIZZMO Revolt - buttons

Built-in buttons.

Vrizzmo has two built-in buttons working with software applications that support VRIZZMO, as well as replacing the magnet in Google Cardboard applications.
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The newest VRIZZMO device.
Lighter device with better optics and user-friendliness.

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Is your smartphone compatible?
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Is your smartphone compatible?
Check it!

Joined the ranks of the lucky owners of Vrizzmo? Just a few more steps and you'll be on your way to full enjoyment of Vrizzmo:

1. Configuration
2. Applications
3. Mount your smartphone
4. Ready!


Games and Applications

Currently on the market are many virtual reality applications that work with VR goggles. So you can test your Vrizzmo and see that this is exactly what you need.   More


Are you an individualist? Do you like to stand out? We suggest you create your own VRIZZMO, in your choice of color and design—everything, on your special order!

Would you like to use VRIZZMO in your company’s advertising campaign? Contact us. We will prepare a device adapted to your requirements.  View details

Custom CHIP
Custom UNITY9 VR
Custom Onet
Custom Reality 51
Custom GryOnline.pl


Everything started in 2013 when Dariusz Żołna created the first working prototype. It was put together using Lego blocks and lenses taken from a toy, all secured with rubber bands.

During the next few months we improved the device. It made a first appearance in May 2014 at the Digital Dragons conference in Kraków... More


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