Practically any smartphone with the screen in the range from 4.5" to 5.7" can work with VRIZZMO goggles. It is natural that we get the best results using smartphones with high-resolution displays and with best technical parameters. At the moment, most of the software is available for Android, which is why we recommend mainly smartphones with this system. We are not able to provide you all smartphones that can work with VRIZZMO, because the family of modern phones is growing almost from week to week.

Since the iPhone 6 has already featured a recomended display so that model will work with VRIZZMO goggles. Library of virtual reality software in the AppStore for iOS is far small, but is growing almost day the day.

Optimal Minimal Requirement
Resolution 1080 x 1920 or higher 720 x 1280 or higher
Screen 5″ 4,5″ to 5,7″
Sensors Accelerometer

VRIZZMO Volt phone dimensions

The maximum size of a smartphone does not exceed 161mm x 82mm for VRIZZMO Volt

You already know that your smartphone fits VRIZZMO Volt? Now check that your smartphone properly supports VR applications. For this purpose, we recommend downloading google cardboard app and checking that the application runs smoothly and there are no freezes.